Food Waste Decomposition Machine[INQ. NO. 2009M03] ENIC, with its brand ECOVIM, retains domestic and foreign patents and various technology certifications for food waste disposing machine in the thermal dehydration system.
ENIC is an environment specialist venture company manufacturing eight different disposing capacity of food waste disposing machines for restaurants, from small ones (30kg) to large ones (1,300kg).
ECOVIM turns organic waste – food garbage – into more than 85% of weight reduced and less than 5% moisture content powder in the thermal dehydration system with a low-cost energy source without producing odors, and then works under an automatically set operating condition according to its appearance and input volume.
Final by-products are thermal dehydrated at over 80˚C temperature, and decomposed and then turned into stabilized and hygienic resources like fuels or feedstuffs or organic compost without any micro- organism or bacteria through sterilization.
This machine itself runs under the automatically set operating condition according to its appearance and input volume without additional time setting.
It is an energy-saving system without heat loss by using an indirect heating in a deductive electricity supply method to heat transfer oil and by using an air circulation method recycling the waste heat.
Almost no odor is produced from this deodorization system in a complex structure of both the physical method, using the air recycling and the chemical reaction based on the high-density catalyst of multi-layer structure.
The excellence of ENIC’s technology has been appreciated since 2005, after starting export to Japan. ENIC, from 2008, keeps growing steadily piling up export achievements to various countries such as the USA, South America, France, the Middle East, Australia, and Sweden. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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