Grease Spray[INQ. NO. 2009M02] L-520 with long-lasting effect and strong stickiness, but without dustability, is a liquid type transparent grease with powerful waterproofness, and long-lasting lubricity, corrosion inhibition effect, outstanding noise prevention effect, and excellent adhesiveness.
It is thus being safely and steadily used as a special lubricant in areas where noise, impact, high pressure steam, and hot/cold water become a problem.
The foldable nozzle in stainless steel eliminates any concerns and provides efficient handling in a narrow unreachable space. This product has high resistance to extreme pressure, high viscosity, and high resistance to abrasion. This product’s volume is 550ml and one box contains 20 cans.
FILLTECH AEROSOL is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility as a company by extending its sales volume and expanding employment through customer satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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