Lubricating Anti-rust[INQ. NO. 2009M01] L-503 of FILLTECH AEROSOL Co., Ltd. with excellent lubricating effect quickly dissolves the adhered and rusted areas at home and industrial sites, neither causing any headache nor fatigue.
It can even be used for an extended period of time on site, thanks to its odorless high purity gas.
As it uses non-chlorinated solvent, it does not damage or corrode on plastic, paint, rubber, fabric, and electric wire. The foldable nozzle in stainless steel removes concerns, and provides

efficient handling in a narrow untouchable space. This product’s volume is 360ml and one box contains 24 cans.
FILLTECH AEROSOL Co., Ltd., established in June 2001, is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of various aerosol products, quasi drugs, industrial goods, household items, and cosmetics in OEM & ODM, refillable liquid type sterilizers to those well-known customers both locally and overseas. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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