Electro Chemistry-related Products


[INQ. NO. 2020M03] Established in 2002, Elchemtech has been focusing on developing electro-chemistry-related products.
Since 2003, Elchemtech has been developing PEM water electrolysis, and is the only company in Korea that develops and sells PEM water electrolysis on a commercial scale.
Elchemtech is a unique company, since it possesses technologies for most of the value chain of PEM water electrolysis, including Elchemtech’s own OER catalysts, MEA, stack and system.

Elchemtech’s current major business areas include PEM water electrolysis for power to gas purposes, PEM water electrolysis for power loading, on-site PEM water electrolysis for refueling stations, and off-grid power management systems.
Elchemtec has been developing contemporary electrochemical technologies through its ever- growing innovations that helped it overcome tremendous challenges.

Elchemtec has become a leader in electrochemical markets that contribute to society for the enrichment of human lives, along with industry developments through its advanced electrochemical technologies.
Based on such solid technical skills, Elchemtech now focuses largely on four areas of business.
They are disinfection (hygiene), hydrogen water, and hydrogen energy, environment, and agricultural and fisheries.

In the field of sterilization (hygiene), Elchemtech has expertise in seawater (ballast water) sterilization, swimming pool/filtration plant sterilization, underground water sterilization, food material and beverage sterilization, space sterilization, and cooling tower sterilization.
For the fields of hydrogen water and hydrogen energy, Elchemtech manufactures and supplies PEM type hydrogen generators, hydrogen water generating electrodes, and modules.
In the environmental field, Elchemtec is demonstrating technical skills in treating livestock wastewater, sewage and factory wastewater, and odors.
In the agriculture and fisheries industry, Elchemtech excels in seed sterilization, fruit and vegetable growing, and active treatment agent for laver farming.
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