Commercialized Large Stationary Fuel Cell

[INQ. NO. 2020M04] Doosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of commercialized large stationary fuel cells based on state-of-the-art technology, under the brand name of PureCell® Model 400, for use as a cogeneration powerplant. From utility to residence, it offers a broad range of product portfolios for clean and quiet generation.
Doosan Fuel Cell has developed the fuel cell system for stationary power generation, which in

turn ensures its global leadership in the fuel cell market. The company’s competencies that it has developed have provided the platform for advancing into the hydrogen value chain.
Doosan Fuel Cell has acquired Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell (PAFC) technology, which leverages liquid phosphoric acid as an electrolyte. Now, customers can benefit from Doosan’s dedication to high efficiency, fuel flexibility, and fast response to your energy needs in real time.

“PureCell® Model 400,” its flagship product, is an outstanding combined heat and power system that operates with multi-fuel options of natural gas, LPG or hydrogen and generates up to 440kW of electricity as well as heat.
PureCell® Model 400 is, moreover, an eco-friendly energy solution, boasting energy efficiency and stability. Its capability of generating clean energy with zero sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, main causes of fine dust, allows the company to stand out as a clean energy provider.

PureCell® Model 400 is applicable to a wide range of structures, from commercial buildings to large-scale power plants. It is suitable for byproduct hydrogen and green hydrogen sites, distributed CHP, LNG terminal BOG, shopping malls, smart farms, and data centers. In addition, it serves the purpose of airport/port power generation and cooling and island energy generation using LPG.

Furthermore, it works as a power source that contributes to effective system stabilization and complements intermittent energy sources like solar and wind power.Doosan Fuel Cell has been delivering 440kW stationary fuel cells at home and abroad. As of 2020, 504MW of PureCell® Model 400 units (1,293 units) are in operation or under construction. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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