Metallic Alloy for Hydrogen Storage and Hydrogen Storage Cylinder

[INQ. NO. 2020M08] Metallic alloy for hydrogen storage and hydrogen storage cylinder are the devices that supply hydrogen to fuel cells, and are the flagship products of Wonil T&I Co., Ltd.
For hydrogen to be stored in a solid form, the major raw material of metallic alloy must be made to a shape and size that can be inserted into the hydrogen storage cylinder (the hydrogen storage container), and the hydrogen gas must be compressed and injected into the metallic alloy in the cylinder.

When the temperature of such injected hydrogen gas inside the cylinder is compressed or lowered in temperature, the hydrogen sticks to the metallic alloy for hydrogen storage and becomes the state of hydrogen storage in the cylinder.
When using such stored hydrogen, one can easily get the hydrogen gas out of the cylinder by raising the temperature of the cylinder or lowering the internal pressure of the cylinder.
The Jangbogo-class submarine is powered by the electricity generated by the fuel cell and the hydrogen stored in the cylinder as explained above.
A submarine must be heavy enough to be able to navigate underwater, and must be built, taking into account the explosion at the moment it is attacked with a torpedo.
The hydrogen storage cylinder has all the elements that can satisfy this necessary characteristic of a submarine.

The first element is stability.
When hydrogen stored in a cylinder is penetrated into metallic alloy by a certain degree of pressure, the pressure inside the cylinder is naturally reduced to less than 10 bar, thus enabling stable storage of hydrogen.

The second element is the weight of metallic alloy for hydrogen storage.
Submarines that need to be submerged must have more than a certain weight, and the weights of the metallic alloy for hydrogen storage and the cylinders, as solid metallic objects themselves, thus helping the submarines to submerge. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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