Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Stations & Drone Power Packs

[INQ. NO. 2020M07] Hylium Industries, Inc. was founded in 2014, as a spin-off from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), and currently leads Korea’s hydrogen ecosystem and industries.
Hylium Industries also provides many hydrogen solutions including mobile hydrogen refueling stations and drone power packs (Obtained 18 registered patents and 21 patents under examination, as of September 2020).

The company’s current major business areas include hydrogen-powered UMV/UAV, mobile liquid hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen liquefaction, and storage business.
Hylium Industries showcases its high level of business capability by holding prominent technologies that fully enable it to manufacture such highly competitive products as mobile liquid hydrogen refueling stations, liquid hydrogen refueling stations, liquid hydrogen tanks for drones, liquid hydrogen/helium/nitrogen tanks, industrial hydrogen powered drones, hydrogen liquefiers, and hydrogen detection silicon tape.

Hylium Industries is currently proceeding with several noteworthy projects led by some government and private bodies as forms of demonstration. R&D is being conducted on military drones powered by liquid hydrogen; liquid hydrogen powered drones with mobile receiver cell towers; liquid hydrogen pumps; ground hydrogen refueling stations; and hydrogen liquefaction plants.
Hylium Industries is a manufacturer of liquid hydrogen and helium, cryogenic liquid storage vessels and cryogenic accessories.
Hylium Industries enables researchers, companies or the military to complete their projects efficiently and in a timely manner without having to deal with import fees and technology import restrictions.
Hylium Industries plans to contribute to the local markets here in Korea and the global cryogenic industry. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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