Clear Canoe

[INQ. NO. 2010M22] Hannam Total Marine is an underwater leisure service company that has devoted 40 years of experience and accumulated technology to the marine leisure industry.
It also has the industry’s best technology and productivity, which has established a transparent information system in the development and mass-production of high-tech products through continuous research and development, and exports its transparent series of products to 12 countries.

Transparent canoes, from the company, are made of special polycarbonate materials that are durable and manufactured by vacuum molding. The product is clear and transparent, and the buoyancy of EVA parts is improved for the player, the aft, and the chair, to ensure safety. It does not flood even if it is overturned during operation, as this transparent canoe features improved safety based on the best technology and productivity.
This two-seater clear canoe series product is suitable for tourism and strong events that simultaneously serve water tourism and the mysterious natural ecosystem underwater. It is also a popular transparent canoe in resorts, hotels, and resorts with good water quality.

In addition, it is a clear canoe product that doubles the joy of exploring and seeing the natural ecosystem and fish underwater by boarding the clear canoe, even for tourists and children who cannot swim or use snorkeling.
Hannam Total Marine’s clear boat and clear pedal boat are products made of durable polycarbonate, and are highly effective products for water and underwater tours with up to four people aboard, and innovative transparent pedal boats for underwater sightseeing even without entering the water.
In addition, it is a boat with an electric motor equipped with a 12V battery and an LED on the clear boat, which is beautiful for nighttime use and can create wonderful memories. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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