Dust Cleaner


Electric and electronic communication equipment

[INQ. NO. 2010M23] NAE WOI KOREA., LTD. has researched, developed and manufactured a coating Solution for concrete, cement, glass, wood, electronic component and machinery, since the company was founded in 2011. Especially without VOCs, it offers nontoxicity and is eco-friendly, and its features include insulation, anti-corrosion, olephobic, hydrophobic and non-stick.
In particular, the company has recently launched its highly competitive dust cleaner, called NWK-99, for elect r ic and electronic panels under high voltage (55KV) alive. NWK-99 is an essential cleaner for maintenance of electric distribution panels and control boxes.

NWK-99 has several safety features, one of which is no risk of fire in spark, arc, corona, etc., where electric power (under 55kV) is supplied.
And NWK-99 has a fi re extinguishing function when it is sprayed on fl ames when electric fi res occur.
Electrical and electronic communication equipment is composed of a complex of electronic devices such as precision circuits and highly integrated semiconductors.
When conductive or combustible dust or pollutant accumulates on the surface of semiconductor and charging parts, malfunctions and short failures occur.

NWK99 is a new technology product that is environment-friendly, and has obtained disaster safety certification that eliminates the risk of fire in sparks and arcs generated by electric power relays and electromagnetic switches, and can be extinguished only by spraying in case of electric fire.
Dust can be removed without interrupting power supply within 35,000V. The PCB and the mounted electronic components are also damage proof. Excellent detergency and 5.2kg/cm2 spray power easily removes dirt between the electronic parts.
By neutralizing the electrostatic particles, there is no damage caused by static electricity or noise generated when using the air compressor and vacuum cleaner.
With this product, it is possible to create operating profit by preventing malfunction of electric and electronic communication equipment and safety accidents, and extending the life of operating equipment.
Especially, it enables workers to work in a safe and stable environment.
In the case of electric fi re that occurs unexpectedly in the vicinity of a complex manufacturing site, it is effective in preventing accidents by blocking it first before the fire extinguisher provided in the designated place.

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