Water-Repellent-Coated Wiper Blade


[INQ. NO. 2010M37] NAOTECH Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 to develop, manufacture, and sell special functional coating/paint. The major products include water-repellent wiper blades, special paints, and products for vehicle maintenance. When fulfilling product orders, the orders are customized to meet customers’ needs and NAOTECH produces all of its products according to order.
NAOTECH will provide technical assistance for the entire process ranging from selecting a products to coating to help the clients who needs help.
NAOTECH has sold its water-repellent wiper to global companies in the United States, Japan, Canada, Europe, and South Korea. This water-repellent technology to be amongst the fi rst developed water-repellent wiper in the world The company also holds patents eff ective in fi ve countries. And it holds a number of patents in Korea. In an eff ort to ensure the quality of its products, this company has applied for ISO certification from TUV, which is known as a strict certifier in quality specifi cation.

NAOTECH’s water repellent-coated wiper blade delivers high water-repellency, featuring excellent durability with a guarantee of 200,000 times of use that can last about an year. The water droplets formed on the coated part of the class causes the beads to form with contacts angles around 95 degrees compared to 80 degrees of competitors.
Some competitive technologies such as hydrophobic nano projections utilize the effects of lotus leaves, and surface treatment technology of nano-thin film coating is applied to this product, so moisture on an automobile’s windscreen can be swiftly removed.
By using an oligome (a kind of silicon and fl uorine) and a nano carbon particle, this product overcame the fl aws of the existing hydrophobic water repellency, and obtained more than 95 degrees of contact angle.
This product thus significantly improved capability in terms of high water-repellency, flexibility, visibility, high water-repellency, and water-repellent endurance.

The high water-repellency wiping technology is a biological simulation technology delivering an effect of lotus leaf. The basic factor of this technology is how to realize the hydrophobic nano projections and air pocket structure.
The lotus leaf effect supports water drops like solid objects by numerous times of hydrophobic nano projections, and therefore the surface of the windscreen of automobiles are not wet with the rolling occurrence of water drops like a ball. Even in rainy situations, stains of dirty water is not seen at all. Furthermore, the wiper can remove the dust on the surface of winds c reens , foreign substances, and grunge.

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