Diamond-Coated Carbide End Mills for Graphite


[INQ. NO. 2010M38] Among the products CASCADETECH manufactures are carbide end mill products for processing various non-ferrous and non-metallic materials such as graphite, reinforced plastics, carbon fiber, etc. They are produced mainly in shapes such as square, ball, and corner radius.
By applying Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) pure diamond coating, which has the same level of properties as single crystal diamond, it has demonstrated outstanding machinability for non-ferrous materials based on strong cutting power due to superior coating without deformation, and improved tool life by fi ve to 10 times compared to noncoating.

In addition, rapid machining and tool replacement cycles can be reduced to improve productivity and cost, and workpiece surface roughness can also be improved due to microparticle or nanoparticle control. And as dry processing became possible, it brought about the development of eco-friendly industries and trust in the company’s products.
Various specifications are applied to more diverse workpiece shapes, resulting in better tool life and performance in a wider processing area.
CASCADETECH is a promising Korean specialty cutting tool manufacturing company specializing in various endmills, drills, reamers, cutters, saws, and bites made in carbide and PCD materials.
By steadily increasing the performance and quality of existing cutting tools, CASCADETECH strives to improve productivity by shortening the processing time of the difficult-to-cut materials with CASCADETECH cutting tools.
Quality and performance are improved by enhancing the precision and surface roughness of the processing parts, and the best service is provided to its customers by securing cost-competitiveness through the development of optimized tool materials.
CASCADETECH aims to continue to focus on the development of tool materials, tool shape design, and abrasion resistant coating technology to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

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