Mid-and Large-sized Hydraulic Cylinders


[INQ. NO. 2010M39] TAEIL is a company, established in August 1995, manufacturing industrial mid- and largesized hydraulic cylinders.
TAEIL has a lathe and machining center that can process piston rods up to 10-meter length, and other equipment required for manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders.
TAEIL currently supplies its products to: steel mills that manufacture steel plates; medium and large press manufacturers; filter press (for removal of water after treating waste water) manufacturers; floodgate (for dams) manufacturers; and so forth.

TAEIL can manufacture cylinders with internal diameter of from 150mm to 2,000mm and working pressure of up to 700bar.
TAEIL’s products are 100% custom-made, and TAEIL designs and manufactures products that are most appropriate for the requirements of its customers. TAEIL can annually manufacture 1,200 cylinders with internal diameter of 250mm, stroke of 1,000mm and working pressure of 210bar.
TAEIL started to develop a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder in 2018, and successfully completed the development, and commenced its fi rst exports to Japan in 2019.
TAEIL will continue to develop the hydraulic cylinders that are optimized to the needs of its customers.

TAEIL is a 1st-tier vendor to POSCO, Hyundai Steel and Hyundai Rotem and exports its products to Japan, Iran, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam.
In 2019, its exports amounted to about US$ 2 million, and 90% went to Japan.
TAEIL’s Japanese customers say that the quality of TAEIL’s products matches that of Japanese products and the price is 30% cheaper on average.

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