Automotive Air Duct Cutting Machine

[INQ. NO. 2011M07] With electric vehicles emerging in the market, more and more efforts are being made to develop the technologies related to ventilation for electric vehicles.
The automotive air duct cutting machine guarantees that the air hole will be precisely cut in an accurate location after the blow molding so that there will be no damage to the product.
This product can be applied to all sizes of vehicles. Based on its experience of supplying its products to a Japanese automobile maker, the manufacturer can quickly design its product and assure high quality.
JC ENG CO., LTD. can assure durability and high quality, because it designs and interprets the product in 3D and manufactures the product after validating productivity.

JC ENG can cut small pieces and ensure that there will be no damage to the product after the cutting.
JC ENG can apply the customers’ requirements to its product designs and product testing. Drawings can be made according to the product drawing provided by its customers and it can make revisions until the customer’s needs are satisfied. Existing customers have recognized the high quality and have been trading with the manufacturer for more than 10 years.

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