Wrapping Robot


[INQ. NO. 2011M09] This product is a wrapping robot developed to efficiently improve the wrapping work environment.
This robot minimizes the process and the manpower required for wrapping work and distinguishes the product by enhancing the completeness of wrapping, as it can wrap various products quickly.
Anyone can use this robot easily and safely because it comes with various safety measures.
This wrapping robot is designed in a compact size so that it can be optimized to different working environments.
The worker can carry out various types of work with this robot. It can protect the workers from risks of accidents as it is equipped with a device that prevents falling. The worker can set distance and safe work areas using the ultrasonic sensor.
The worker can place the emergency stop button onto the handle and the body to stop and resume the work at any time. The worker can turn on the warning light when carrying out the work to ensure safety by sending a warning signal to the surroundings.
This robot comes in the size of 1230 x 1050 x 2300mm and has 900kw of driving power. This robot can wrap 150 to 200 pallets per charge.

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