Seismic Separation Joint

[INQ. NO. 2011M02] Loop-type seismic separator, FLEXTECH SSJ (SSJ: Seismic Separation Joint), from SEUNG JIN IND, CO.,LTD. is designed to accommodate seismic movement. It protects piping systems and their facilities by absorbing the vibrational displacement from the impact of earthquakes.
FLEXTECH SSJ was designed with technology of multi ply bellows and multi layer wire braid, which reinforces the strength of seismic movement against high pressure of any direction generated by earthquakes.
FLEXTECH SSJ meets the technical standards of design and quality required by international certification bodies such as FM, UL and KFI. It also passed seismic verification tests from SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), a global testing organization. This demonstrates its integrity and reliability has been verified.

FLEXTECH SSJ is convenient to apply according to the installation environment of the product. There are U-Loop and V-Loop type, and various end connections can be applied depending upon interference of surrounding facilities at the time of installation.
FLEXTECH SSJ is also designed with general steel pipes and stainless-steel pipes. It was certified with displacement absorption amount of earthquakes dividing into ± 50 mm, ± 100 mm, and ± 200mm, which greatly maximize the choices of users.
SEUNGJIN a leading manufacturer of metallic flexible piping solutions based on corrugated hoses (bellows) in Korea. SEUNG JIN has four business divisions.
The company produces sprinkler joint systems for fire protection industries, flow control systems for valve industries, expansion joint systems for flexible piping industries, and explosion-proof flexible conduits for hazardous applications.

Its products have been certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001, KS, and KGS standards for domestic use and other authorities such as UL/ULc, FM,LPCB, VDS, RINA, ABS, and BV for international markets.
SEUNGJIN exports its products to over 22 countries including Australia and India, which are its main markets. SEUNGJIN is now establishing a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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