Water Chiller


[INQ. NO. 2011M01] After it started a freezer equipment business in 1985, DAEHO COOLER Co., Ltd. became a professional refrigerator manufacturing company in 1993. Since its transformation, the company has been accumulating a vast amount of experience in providing excellent service and gathering many references for installing refrigerators.
DAEHO COOLER offers various refrigerator models, and all of them are highly durable, can precisely control the temperature and are highly efficient.

The products of DAEHO COOLER guarantee energy reduction and low electricity consumption through optimized quality, and demonstrate optimized cooling capacity in various industrial areas.
Because the refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER come in compact exterior design and with casters, they can be easily moved to their locations for installation.
Customers can easily and conveniently use the refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER because these refrigerators feature a simple control method and safety alert function.
Because DAEHO COOLER can manufacture and supply refrigerators that satisfy any specification required by customers, its refrigerators can be applied to the following industrial areas:

The refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER are used for general manufacturing plants that manufacture materials for medicine and cosmetics; automotive parts; semiconductors; display; paper; plastics; textiles; ascon; chemical agents; food; printing; and photographs.
The refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER are widely used by the general machine manufacturing industry, such as CNC lathes; machining centers; cutters; benders; injection molding machines/extruders; vacuum/rubber molding machines; press; laser machines; packaging; semiconductors; medical equipment; mixers; oil pressure machines and machining tools.
They are preferred even by aquariums, swimming pools, and saunas. They can be custom-manufactured and are currently adopted by various industries for their cooling systems.

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