Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine Optima Steamer XD

[INQ. NO. 2011M35] SJE Corporation Ltd. was established in the Republic of Korea in 1991. SJE is the manufacturer of Optima Steamer which is an industrial steam cleaning machine.
Optima Steamer is the best, the most powerful industrial steam cleaning machine in the world.
Currently, SJE exports Optima Steamers to more than 120 countries and has worldwide distribution networks including a U.S. office.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people have been paying more attention to sanitation and hygiene.

Optima Steamer XD
SJE is currently actively introducing its advanced, newest mobile, diesel-powered steamer, Optima Steamer XD.
XD features a durable body design, heat-efficient steam vessel, wet or dry steam selection, smart control system, and easy maintenance.
Some of the updates to the new XD include an LCD display for easier operation, larger water (36L) and fuel tanks (36L) with visible gauges, a simple emergency stop button and an easy access chassis that makes maintenance and repair a breeze. Because the new XD is powered by diesel fuel, it is ideal for mobile cleaning and sanitizing applications.
Optima’s highly efficient heating system ensures powerful performance, meaning that it provides continuous rich and powerful steam during your work.
Artificial intelligence is enabled by the internal CPU monitors and controls mechanical and electrical operations of the machine.
Automatic alarm and control features include automatic stop in case of water or fuel shortage, out-of-range pressure or temperature, abnormal flame detection, and overtime pump running.
Optima’s advanced structure, which was designed by professional engineers of heat exchanger and pressure vessel industries, provides easy maintenance and good durability.
The product’s automatic water filling feature no longer requires manually refilling of the water when a water supply source is available on your site.

And it is noticeable that using less water and doing jobs quicker means you will save costs, besides making greater profits. For example, you can efficiently clean the exterior / interior of a car with one gallon of water, so you no longer need to worry about water wastage. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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