PCD / CBN / Diamond Cutting Tools


[INQ. NO. 2011M36] KOHER was established in 2015 based on its experience in developing cemented carbide material over 20 years and its diamond cutting tool manufacturing and application technologies.
KOHER’s main products are the inserts that have a carbide body with a PCD/CBN/diamond tip attached to them, and which are mainly used to cut various machine parts for automobiles, two-wheeled vehicles, airplanes and electronic products.

The PCD insert is mainly used to process nonferrous metal. KOHER currently has five PCD grades and manufactures its products by using the appropriate type of material after discussion with its customers.
The CBN insert is used to process ferrous metal and it is largely classified into high-content and low-content material types depending on the purpose.
Currently, there are a total of 10 CBN material types and three types of tips.
In particular, MAXIBN, which has increased resistance to heat and shock through the HS type tip and coating, is emerging as the main line-up of KOHER.

Since the single-crystal diamond insert can offer a high degree of precision, it is order-made according to the customers’ requirements, and it is used for lens processing and smartphone manufacturing.
Other than the inserts, KOHER offers the end-mill line-up, XCELDIA. XCELDIA is an end- mill with the twisted PCD blade, rather than a general straight blade. The spiral PCD blade allows the user to easily process the materials at high speed since it reduces cutting resistance.

KOHER can manufacture not only the standard products that satisfy ISO/ANSI, but also the special type products ordered by customers, and provides continued support even after the sale to get the customers’ feedback so that the company can improve its products.

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