Robot Saw Machine

[INQ. NO. 2011M38] EGUN specializes in manufacturing structure dismantling equipment. Since its foundation, the company aimed to export its products to overseas markets. In 2019, EGUN was able to sell its product in the U.S. market.
EGUN plans to develop and manufacture various dismantling equipment for buildings, bridges and other structures and distribute the equipment worldwide.
The robot series of EGUN can be remotely controlled wirelessly – the worker can work from various angles while watching the job being carried out. It also assures safety, because the worker can maintain appropriate distance depending on the circumstances of in the field.

Its control pad that is designed based on the experiences of workers and machine operation parts which make precision operation possible, allow an operator to carry out the work as if he/she is a skilled operator.
Even if the operator is not skilled enough, its easy-to-use control pad allows the operator to carry out basic tasks.
EGUN’s products are a kind of robot that combines wireless control, engine, hydraulics, electricity and driving function. Since so many disciplines are combined, many aspects can go wrong, and EGUN has thus been making numerous improvements and supplementations as it has been engaged in the robot rental business in Korea.

Based on such experience, EGUN was able to minimize the likelihood of malfunction and simplify the maintenance service process even in the overseas markets. Currently, its products are receiving excellent feedback from the U.S. market.
To provide the best experience to its customers, EGUN improved its products so that the base models can be customized to the preferences of the customers and allowed them to choose the parts according to the local conditions. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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