Impeller & Blade

[INQ. NO. 2011M37] FLOWDY specializes in manufacturing and exporting the rotating turbine parts for steam and gas turbines.
FLOWDY manufactures its products 100% in-house, including the processing of special alloy material that involves centrifugal casting, forging and heat treatment.
While Korea used to rely on imported rotating equipment and material, FLOWDY has successfully localized the rotating equipment and material with its 3D scanning technology and through reverse engineering (i.e. a technique that restores a damaged product identically to the original one with the current product, and without any drawing or sample).
FLOWDY currently manufactures the core parts of steam and gas turbines of nuclear, hydro, thermal and combined heat and power plants.
At those plants, the hot steam or gas passes through the blade inside the turbine under high pressure, turning the blade that drives the generator to generate electricity.

The impeller, one of the two representative products of FLOWDY, is a vital part used for power plants, aircraft, and ships. The centrifugal force created by a rotating blade delivers kinetic energy to the liquid, and this kinetic energy is converted into pressure and transports the liquid.
A compressor blade is a blade attached to the circumference of the rotating compressor disc inside the rotor of the gas turbine engine, which applies energy to the air as the air passes through the engine. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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