[INQ. NO. 2012M02] The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes do not allow fluid flowing therein that is hazardous to the human body to seep out of the pipe, and do not change the taste of drinking water.
They are not corroded by acid, alkali or salt, or suffer from electrolytic corrosion.
They weigh only one-seventh of that of a steel pipe, which makes it easy to transport and install HDPE pipes. They are affordable, and their service life is semipermanent (longer than 50 years) because they have excellent long-term durability and their maintenance cost is low.

They are perfectly bound by thermosetting, so they have more excellent water-tightness than that of any other existing pipes and do not get broken by earthquakes or differential settlement of poor ground.
Although the existing plastic pipes had many advantages, such as their non-corrosive property, they were not as competitive as metallic pipes because they had lower working pressure than that of the metal pipes and they could not be manufactured in a large caliber.
To overcome such limits, SIMON studied the cutting-edge new material using the latest technology and developed an HDPE pipe that performs better than metal pipes.

Developing, manufacturing and supplying various plastic pipes to domestic and overseas markets
SIMON Co., Ltd. has been steadfastly researching, developing manufacturing and distributing various plastic pipes for civil engineering and building sites, as well as electric and gas construction works in and outside Korea.

SIMON’s products are recognized by the industry for their excellent performance and quality, and the company has been striving to achieve public benefit and to realize humanism.
SIMON manufactures and supplies the best products to the Korean market based on theory, experience and know-how it accumulated over 50 years. SIMON always strives to satisfy its customers by operating under the ISO-9001 quality certification system and is overwhelming its competitors in terms of new technology development.

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