Eco-friendly Condensing Boilers

Winner of the $ 300 Million Export Tower
[INQ. NO. 2101M01] Kyungdong Navien Co., Ltd. recently won the $300 Million Export Tower at the 57th Trade Day, which was the first in the industry circle of Korea.
Kyungdong Navien, which was well known as a representative boiler-manufacturing company leading domestic and overseas markets, is a most representative company in the so-called ‘K-Boiler.’ Now it drives the exports of boilers and water heaters to potential overseas markets.

Eco-friendly Condensing Boilers

Currently, Kyungdong Navien is successfully expanding its influence in the global markets based on its globally recognized condensing technology – in spite of the fact that globalization in the boiler industry is very difficult challenge owing to certain factors – the issue of utilization of various factors, each country’s different kinds of heating facility infrastructure and heating culture.
As of 2019, Kyungdong Navien, which is currently commanding the No. 1 market dominance in major global markets including the United States, Russia, etc., took 84.1% of local companies’ total export volume of domestic total boilers and gas water heaters.
Amidst the economic crisis caused by last year’s COVID-19, Kyungdong Navien is well maintaining its growth pace in both domestic and overseas markets, meaning that it is a truly global leading company in the global industry.
Looking into specific examples, Kyungdong Navien kept its steady sales growth pace all over the year in North America, which is considered one of its representative global markets.
In the Russian market, Kyungdong Navien won this year’s corporate award twice in Nov. last year, following its selection as a national brand three times in a row in 2019. The cases in the two giant markets tell us that it certainly appears to be a global company that leads heating fields.

Eco-friendly Condensing Boilers

And also, in the Chinese market, Kyungdong Navien, participating in the government-leading coal renovation project which appears to be increasingly vivid compared to 2019, is taking another leap forward.
In the Korean market, Kyungdong Navien’s status seems to be more solid, leading Korea’s history of condensing technologies, boosted by the local market’s reorganization flow focusing on eco-friendly condensing boilers just after the use of eco-friendly boilers becomes mandatory, which went into effect on April 3 last year. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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