Heavy Wall Pipes


Winner of the $ 100 Milliion Export Tower
[INQ. NO. 2101M02] Samkang M&T has not only grown into Korea’s first heavy wall pipes manufacturing company but also developed into a world-class company in shipbuilding and offshore & onshore plants.
Samkang M&T is the first company to develop domestic heavy wall pipes. The company was established in 1999 at Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea.

Since then, it has been listed on KOSDAQ and has been recognized as one of the best companies in terms of technology in Korea for localizing and exporting products over the past 21 years.
In Korea, which was completely devoid of locally produced heavy wall pipes, the company was able to succeed in its localization mission based on strong belief, enthusiasm and spirit of challenge and was able to achieve the import-substituting effect. Currently, it exports its products to about 30 countries around the world.
It currently manufactures more than 200,000 tons of shipbuilding-offshore plant products annually due to 103 acres of land as well as 800 tons of goliath cranes that it has secured.
In particular, it manufactures topside modules, which are the core of offshore plants, in the shortest period of time in Korea and this feat has been registered as an official record by the Korea Record Institute. It is recognized for its world’s best technology as well as its production management abilities.

Heavy Wall Pipes

Samkang M&T took over STX Goseong Offshore & Shipbuilding in November 2017, and this was newly opened as Korea’s first large-scale repair dockyard under the name Samkang S&C.
The chairman of the company stressed “We will provide professional and integrated total services through large-scale business in relation to repairs and conversions, as well as manufacturing. As a result, we will attract domestic and foreign business related to repairs, conversions as well as manufacturing and transform this facility into a global repair dockyard.”

Heavy Wall Pipes

Samkang M&T focuses on offshore & onshore plants – heavy wall pipes – naval & special ships as its key business area and together with Samkang S&C, which has been newly established as shipbuilding – repairs – conversion business, will become a global champion by achieving sales of 1.100 trillion of business profits by the year 2022 based on leading-edge technology as well as accumulated construction results.
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers as well as shareholders for their unwavering interest and support. We will respond to your expectations by continuing to grow as a “global shipbuilding-marine specializing business,” he added.

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