Battery Test Solutions

Winner of the $ 100 Milliion Export Tower
[INQ. NO. 2101M04] PNE Solution has ever since its foundation in 2004 been making constant efforts to retain a global level of technology with creativity, and a challenging spirit.
Its battery solutions and mass-capacity power conversion technology has so far shown outstanding growth in the field.
PNE Solution designs and manufactures a variety of battery test solutions including formation systems, R&D equipment for a battery cell to pack, and others.

Battery Test Solutions

With specialized engineering, PNE Solution is able to provide total solutions for battery formation and R&D. In particular, it has specialized solutions for electric vehicles batteries and supplies enhanced safety solutions with high temp pressing or vacuum pre-charger and fire extinguishing systems.
Through its precise output-control method, it provides test equipment with high precision control, fast saving time and an energy regeneration method. Currently, it is developing high-capacity test equipment for 2000V classes and the global market has recognized its technology & excellence.
PNE Solution has expanded its green energy business for the upcoming generations, and made great efforts to develop electric vehicle solutions such as EV charging infrastructure and electric devices for EV, ESS, and others.

Battery Test Solutions

PNE Solution provides world-leading, highly innovative technologies for global battery manufacturers such as LG Energy solution, Samsung SDI, SK innovation, Northvolt, A123 and others, and also forms partnerships with leading players in the battery industry to provide customers with world-class solutions and services.
PNE Solution is currently expanding its efforts to develop a global network with service centers and branches in five countries including JV in China. In accordance with CE, UL, CCC and other global standards, it has exported its products to Europe, the United States, China, Asia, and other countries.
The CEO of the company stressed “With continuous R&D investment, we will stand proud in the global market for battery solutions and become a world-leading company.”

Winner of the $ 100 Milliion Export Tower | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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