Cylinder Block & Cylinder Head

Winner of the $ 20 Million Export Tower
[INQ. NO. 2101M05] Since 1947, Daedong Metals Co., Ltd. has domestically developed and manufactured cylinder blocks and cylinder heads for various diesel engines and MCV, and valve casings for a variety of heavy equipment, and more for the general industrial sector.
The company is proud of being a leader in the high-end casting industry in Korea. Daedong Metals supplies the best products with the motto of ‘Win-win Growth/Respect for Customers/Stable Process.’ Moreover, customer success is our highest value.

Cylinder Block & Cylinder Head

Daedong Metal was founded as the foundry department of Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. in May 1947 starting with the production of cast iron castings for agricultural machinery.
Daedong Metals has since succeeded in developing the engine cylinder heads of Hyundai Motor’s commercial vehicles.
In 1993, an independent corporation called Daedong Metal was established and listed on the KOSDAQ stock market.

Cylinder Block & Cylinder Head

In 1998, Daedong Metals developed agricultural machinery parts in cooperation with Kubota, a Japanese company, and castings were exported for the first time.
In 2009, Daedong Metal succeeded in domestic development of MCV (Main Control Valve), a key component of Volvo Construction Machinery excavators.
By 2013, Daedong Metal had diversified its domestic customers and started businesses with Doosan Infracore and LSMTron.

Cylinder Block & Cylinder Head

Since 2013, Daedong Metal has been focusing on initiating overseas business. Over the past three years, its average growth rate has been 30% for direct exports, and 151% for indirect exports, with a total of 78% growth.

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