Drilling Equipment


Producing and supplying drilling equipment (DTH hammers, Auger machines, bits,
related accessories) to customers for 2 decades

[INQ. NO. 2101M14] SUNGWON Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies its top-quality drilling equipment under the brand name of “OROKIS” to clients in 31 countries, especially in North America, Japan, Europe, Middle East Counties, etc. It is committed to customer satisfaction through realizing cost reduction and ensuring quality, by developing products that customers want.
SUNGWON Heavy Machinery is engaged in the production and supply of drilling equipment with a slogan ‘Total&One Stop Service,’ which includes technological consultation for decisions on optimal worksite conditions, consultation for optimal equipment choices for matching with equipment in use, and after service for solving the various kinds of issues occurring in operation.
Currently, SUNGWON Heavy Machinery is actively engaged in developing, manufacturing, and supplying various types of hammers, auger machines, bits, and related accessories, meeting the demanding requirements of global buyers.

SUNGWON Heavy Machinery

SUNGWON Heavy Machinery manufactures the so-called noise-reduction type CD hammers (from small-sized ones to ф1850), which are especially suitable for operation in urban areas.
For DTH hammers, it produces various sizes from small-sized ones to 40″. For hammer bits, it manufactures the sizes from small-sized ones to ф2200. The company produces Auger machines – from single shaft to five shafts.
In addition to those items mentioned above, SUNGWON Heavy Machinery manufactures various rods (screw type, PRD type, mixing type), shock absorbers and joints. Some patented products including expandable bits, and rods designed for agitating in poor ground are also highly impressive. A device that is capable of injecting mortar in boring operations – in order to shorten the working time – is also highly recommendable.

Drilling Equipment

SUNGWON Heavy Machinery is currently also committed to development of new competitive products and thus to give the benefit of cost reduction back to its valuable global business customers again.
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