Water Purifier


Advanced technologies related to water supply and water purification are now required more than ever

[INQ. NO. 2101M15] The aquaculture industry is increasingly globally recognized as an emerging important industry – based on the fact that it is acknowledged not only as a food industry through supplying of animal proteins, but also as an important source of essential nutrients to humankind.
However, despite the fact that the recent flow of the changing field of marine aquaculture into land across the entire fish species caused by typhoons, red tide, etc., the water purification technologies of fish farms is falling behind. Accordingly, advanced technology related to water supply and water purification is required more than ever.
Water Tec’s ONE-STOP water purifier, an air compression style of explosive and water purification system based on fine bubbles, is designed not only for efficient increase of the dissolved oxygen through the air compression style of aerator, but also for water purifying.

The ONE-STOP water purifier

The water purifier carries out aerobic purification especially in a certain place where water stay is frequently happening – through the so-called forced circulation by dissolving high-efficiency air.
The ONE-STOP water purifier suppresses the creation of green tide and then its complete removal – through the penetration rate of 90 percent blocking caused by the wavelength of the powerful waterfall-like spray of the deep water.
This notable product is made through application of the optimization design technology compared to the blower volume. It is highly applicable for dams, artificial wetlands, golf courses, ponds, fish farms, water intake stations, etc.
And also, this product is popularly used for so-called special purposes and sites such as livestock waste fertilization and liquid fertilization, sewage treatment plants, solar fusion artificial water plant islands, etc.

The ONE-STOP water purifier

Effects and Advantages
This product is seen as an integrated single body composed of air injection device, explosive device, and upper injection device, guaranteeing that it delivers high-level vitalization. It entirely blocks the floating of precipitates caused by whirlpools, thus facilitating water-quality improvement through carrying out biological water purification.
The cost in installation and operation & management can be significantly reduced because the operator can install the standardized equipment without a design course – depending on the volume of the water tank.

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