Asia’s Leading Platform for the Railway an Logistics Industry

The 10th edition of RailLog Korea will take place from June 16-19, 2021 at the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center in Busan, South Korea.
RailLog Korea presents great growth potential, thanks to the geographical benefits of Busan, as the very starting point and final destination of the planned Trans-Asian Railway (TAR) network.
Busan, a hub city where all logistics functions including railroad, port, air and highway are integrated, is now stepping forward as the genuine hub for railways and logistics in Northeast Asia.

Asia’s Leading Platform for the Railway an Logistics Industry

Biennially held since 2003, RailLog Korea is positioning itself as the latest and globally competitive venue for railway technology, interior fittings, infrastructure and logistics. RailLog Korea is now ranked the world’s fourth-largest railway show with 17,000sqm of space.
RailLog Korea is the latest venue and real marketplace for the railway industry where the most advanced technologies from global players are presented, from parts and components to rolling stock and railway logistics. It also provides an insight into the region’s railway business with plentiful fringe events covering a comprehensive range of topics.

Asia’s Leading Platform for the Railway an Logistics Industry

RailLog Korea is considered a highly attractive platform for the railway industry, considering that the essential benefit of the exhibition exists for companies that hold superior technologies and the matching opportunities with buyers who require those technologies.
Korea’s railway industry faces the so-called new Renaissance era – based upon the fact that the inter-Korean railway connection project is well underway, Korea joined OSJD as a regular member, GTX is expanding, and the budget for the railway business sector surpassed that of the road transport sector.

Asia’s Leading Platform for the Railway an Logistics Industry

It is expected that more active networking among ordering organizations and suppliers will be promoted through this exhibition – due to the anticipation that increasing railway demand could be created.
The holding of 2021 RailLog Korea, which enables us to showcase Korea’s superior technology level in the railway industry, creates greater expectations of higher business performance than ever. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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