Exclusive Agency for Halal Certification in Korea


The New Halal Certification Act (Act No. 33) on the certification of halal products, which was announced by the Indonesian government and came into effect on October 17, 2019, states that “all products exported to Indonesia must be certified as halal, and the certification is not optional.” However, a grace period of about five years until October 17, 2024 will be allowed. The Act will be applied to food and beverage products first, and to other products (medical devices, health foods, cosmetics, and medicines) in consecutive order.


In this regard, Prof. Ir. SUKOSO. M. Sc. Ph.D of BPJPH, Indonesia visited Korea to promote the new certification law. Dr. Sukoso held in-depth discussions on the overall processes applicable to various halal certificates and quarantine products with Lee Kwang-yeon, the Chairman of Pasifik Korea, who was granted the authority to issue halal certificates.

Exclusive Agency for Halal Certification in Korea

“To become successful in the Islamic market with 2 billion in population, a halal certificate, a powerful weapon, is essential,” said Dr. Sukoso in a conversation with Chairman Lee after he visited Korea. “However, Korean companies will have to explore the Indonesian market slowly because the halal certification process is very rigorous,” he continued.
Dr. Sukoso said that he will spare no effort to provide full support to Pasifik Korea, so that Pasifik Korea can successfully carry out its role as a bridgehead into Indonesia for the Asian countries, as the company has been given the authority to review the halal certification applications from Vietnam, Japan, and China, as well as Korea.

“K-Quarantine Product Conference”, “New South Trade & Industry Vision Proclamation Ceremony”

Exclusive Agency for Halal Certification in Korea

Opportunities for expansion into Indonesia
For Muslims, halal is an absolute belief. Because halal means what has been allowed by God, eating anything else is simply incomprehensible and an anti-religious act. In mid-August, a Pakistani couple who had been diagnosed to have been infected with COVID-19 left the self-quarantine area because they had to buy halal food. It was a symbolic event that made us understand what halal food meant for Muslims.
The halal certification is essential for Korean companies that want to enter Indonesia. Mr. Lee, the Chairman of the Pasifik Group, is carrying out the official work of the Representative Office of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, and has been delegated the role of issuing the halal certificates for the applications made from Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam on behalf of BPJPH.
In other words, Mr. Lee is officially holding the key to the huge Indonesian market.

Exclusive Agency for Halal Certification in Korea

On November 12 and 13, 2020, a quarantine conference and the New South Trade & Industry Vision Proclamation Ceremony were held to caution against the spread of indiscriminate halal certification practices in Korea, and to present a way for true and correct halal certification.
Dr. Sukoso claimed that Koreans still do not correctly understand the halal certification, informed about the negative effect of the existing halal certification agency continuing to issue the halal certificates, and announced the correct procedure on the new halal certification.

halal certification

During his visit to the Quarantine Bio Conference held at COEX on November 12, last year Dr. Sukoso, the Head of BPJPH, said he sincerely hoped that Korea’s excellent quarantine products will advance into Indonesia after being halal-certified. He also heard the explanation about the products and stressed the importance of a halal certificate again while he visited the participating Korean businesses. The Conference opened a new opportunity for Korean companies that produce quarantine materials in a saturated market to expand to Indonesia.

Dr. Sukoso also attended the New South Trade & Industry Vision Proclamation Ceremony held at the K Hotel on November 13 and explained the changes in the new halal certification system in accordance with the law, and future plans.

During his speech on the halal certification at the Ceremony, Dr. Sukoso pointed out the negative impact of the halal certification abuse that is rampant in Korea. He emphasized that the halal certificates issued by the existing halal certification agencies are no longer accepted, and halal certificates not approved by BPJPH are invalid in Indonesia. He went on to warn Korean businessmen not to make the mistake of receiving a halal certificate from private agencies who are abusing their unawareness and still issuing halal certificates.
Mr. Tito Karnavian, the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Pachrul Razi, the Minister of Religious Affairs, Ms. Nurwahidayasale, the Secretary-General of the Islam Businesswomen Association, and Mr. Park Jae-hwan, the Chairman of the Korean Association in Indonesia sent congratulatory video messages expressing their regrets for not being able to attend the event personally.

Exclusive Agency for Halal Certification in Korea

Even though many people could not travel because of COVID-19, the ceremony was attended by Daniel Koo, the Ambassador of BPJPH, and Widia, chairman of the Korea Committee of Islam Businesswomen Association, Anggoro Budiman, chairman of the Korea Committee of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, and Deni Isiawan, director of the Economic Cooperation of the Islam Association.
The Indonesian government officials who attended the ceremony talked about the newly changed halal certification with business officials and asked them to achieve many things together, such as distribution and promotion, so excellent Korean products can enter Indonesia through communication and harmony beyond the halal certification.
In his welcoming speech Lee Kwang-yeon, the Chairman of Pasifik Group, expressed his deep gratitude to Dr. Sukoso and the government officials for coming to Korea despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, and to the ministers and government officials who sent the video messages from afar. Mr. Lee explained that there are people who misunderstand Muslims, but in fact, there is no religion that is as considerate and compassionate as Islam, and that Indonesians respect each other with the idea that “God” is one, even if each other’s religions may be different, and that they are accustomed to caring and humility because Indonesia had been subjected to occupation by other countries.

Exclusive Agency for Halal Certification in Korea

He also commented that the halal certification is a huge opportunity for Korean companies to grow because it is officially carried out by the Indonesian government, and Pasifik Korea will help Korean products make inroads into Indonesia in various ways as a proper certification agency – not as an indiscriminate certification agency, but one which issues certificates under the standardized procedures and strict management.
Dr. Sukoso assured Mr. Lee that he would spare no effort in stabilizing and standardizing the new halal certification system, give full support to Pasifik Korea, and work together with others to achieve big dreams despite the difficult circumstances.

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