Coating Machines

[INQ. NO. 2102M02] CO-TECH is a manufacturer of industrial roll-to-roll coating machines. Evers since its establishment in 2001, CO-TECH has been committed to continuously improving technology and developing innovative products to satisfy customers, gaining their trust and support.
CO-TECH’s coating machines are large-sized industrial equipment to be used for overall materials and parts industries.

Coating Machines

They are actually utilized for the processing of advanced materials – such as secondary electrodes, release films for MLCC, OLED, flexible displays, and high-functional films.
Until now, CO-TECH has delivered more than 100 units of coating machines to globally prominent companies including LG Hausys, Cosmo, Innox, etc.

Coating Machines

CO-TECH expanded its factory size to 7,920m2 and relocated in 2020. And it was selected as a small giant company in the nation.
In response to the fast-changing industrial trend and increasingly diversified needs from customers, CO-TECH is striving to become a global company in high-tech coating machines by developing high-speed, thin-film and wide-width coating technologies.
CO-TECH’s latest coating machines has roll-to-roll structure with precision tension control and web control system.

Coating Machines

They have multi-purpose coating heads that can be applied to various coating liquids. By using eco-friendly integrated dryer technology, the heating consumption can be reduced by 30%.
Through application of eco-friendly dryer technology, the energy consumption could be reduced to 30%. With a high-speed technology applied, the operating speed can reach for more than 300m/min.
The precision tension control and lamination technologies in thin film with the thickness of 5 μm to 15μm and width 2000mm to 2650mm are applied. Through the standardization and modularization, the assembly and replacement of each unit is easy. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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