Negative Pressure Screening Center (External/Mobile)

[INQ. NO. 2102M03] As a specimen collection booth, this center ensures negative pressure of more than – 2.5pa. And ACH (Air Change per Hour) is carried out over 15 times.
As this center has a structure in which the traffic flows of medical teams and patients remain completely separate, the airflow from medical teams to patients is separated, and cross-infection can thus be prevented.
Additional negative pressure ward and diagnostic room are installed if the necessity of the center exists.

Negative Pressure Screening Center

It is considered a safe and efficient system that can allow many of the suspected patients to be examined with only a few staffs.
Medical examinations by interview of patients are possible through utilizing telecommunication and isolation systems – without direct contact with them.
The center has divided rooms for dressing and undressing of medical teams. The sampled specimen can be kept in a safely closed condition and collected. The procedural compliance of disinfection and sterilization after examining of the suspected patients is securely carried out.
The application of the negative pressure sampling room recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States is available at one time.

Negative Pressure Screening Center

Prefabricated Negative Pressure Isolation Wards
These are completely closed-style prefabricated isolation wards.
The module-structured anterooms or the formation of beds in a row can be extensively implemented. The built-in negative pressure system makes better use of space.
With the sight glasses in both the front and sides, medical teams can assess the condition of patients at any time.
They are 2,000 x 2,500 x 2,200(h)mm in size. They ensure more than 30 times of ACH. The negative pressure from -2.5 to -5.0pa is ensured, and 3.5 inch touch control using decompression is supplied.

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