Driving innovation IONIQ Electric


Experience the future mobility in your daily life

Pulsing with energetic, modern appeal
[INQ. NO. 2102M04] Its refined, modern good looks are the first to grab your attention. Admire every curve, every line: It all comes together to convey the smooth flow of power. The proportions are nicely balanced and when you get in closer to look at the details, you will discover a perfectionism that is deeply satisfying.

Driving innovation IONIQ Electric

Count on LEDs for maximum lighting power while drawing a minimal amount of electricity and delivering a longer service life.

Iconic grille
The highly distinctive grille design is a key detail that helps define the futuristic identity of the IONIQ electric while staying true to the rules of good aerodynamics.

Driving innovation IONIQ Electric

Charging port
For maximum flexibility, the port offers a choice of recharging modes: Standard or quick charge. Connecting the cable is designed to be safe, secure and simple.

Driving innovation IONIQ Electric

Effortlessly elegant & Peace of mind
With its disciplined focus on layout simplicity and good ergonomics, the IONIQ electric interior advances the evolution of trendsetting design. As forward-thinking as the exterior, the interior abounds with fine touches that bring all the key elements to life in fluid, elegant style. Every detail is precisely designed around the philosophy of clean simplicity for a calming, soothing effect on the senses.

Supervision cluster with 7˝color LCD
All vital car system information is presented with astounding legibility and colourful graphic format that only supervision technology can deliver.

8-inch display audio
IONIQ’s nerve center does more than keep you on course and help find the nearest recharging station. It offers total smartphone connectivity through a simple-to-use touchscreen interface.

Electronic gear shift button
Drive-by-wire eliminates mechanical linkages to allow gear shifts with just a click of a button and includes a safety interlocking system. The parking brake is also push button-type.

Cutting edge technologies help keep you safe and hassle-free
IONIQ electric’s safety features befit its sophisticated futuristic styling. Preventive safety innovations incorporate advanced technologies to help keep you on track and out of harm’s way. Combining built-in radar, sensors and machine vision, IONIQ electric is at the leading edge of safety technology and will look out for you every inch of the way.

Driving innovation IONIQ Electric

Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW)
Radar sensors built into the rear bumper will warn of the presence of a vehicle within the blind spot area by issuing an acoustic alarm and flashing an LED icon built into the side view mirrors.

7-airbag System
To defend against side collisions, full-length curtain airbags provide front and second row occupants with head protection.

Clean and simple engineering
Pure electric drive opens the door to a whole new world of simplicity. All-electric mobility means a steep reduction in the number of moving parts the main sources of mechanical noise and vibration. The IONIQ electric’s 100kW electric motor runs whisper quiet but perhaps best of all, it’s inherently simpler, quicker and more reliable than a conventional gas engine while generating absolutely zero emissions.
The regenerative braking system captures braking energy that would otherwise be wasted and uses it to top up the battery power reserve. Paddle shifters allow the driver to override the system’s default eco drive setting and to summon full power for quicker performance as the mood or the occasion requires.

Electric Power Control Unit
The brains behind the IONIQ electric, the EPCU makes it all charging cable tick. It works quietly behind the scenes performing highly complex tasks that regulate various electrical and electronic systems. You’ll probably never need to know about the AC/ DC inverter, low voltage DC-DC converter and the vehicle control unit but these vital sub-systems are there, all working together in perfect harmony under the direction of the EPCU.

Driving innovation IONIQ Electric

Permanent-magnet synchronous motor
Serving up 100kW (120ps) of pure delight, this motor achieves a perfect balance of high efficiency and high power. It has a peak torque rating of 30.1 kgfm (295 Nm) delivered instantly and its entirety the moment you step on the accelerator pedal. And that’s certainly part of the fun side of driving the IONIQ electric.

In-Cable Control Box (ICCB) charging cable
This handy cable is stored in the trunk and allows the IONIQ electric to be recharged practically anywhere. It’s designed to connect to a standard wall socket and will recharge IONIQ using household AC current.
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