EV Charging Infrastructures


Supplying the world’s best EV charging infrastructures
[INQ. NO. 2102M06] Electric energy as a next-generation eco-friendly energy source solves various environmental problems caused by the use of fossil fuels.
Signet EV has acquired various patents through continuous research and development related to electric energy charging.
Charging system improvement and product development are in progress, based on technology, and building infrastructure for eco-friendly electric vehicle charging on the global stage.

350kW High Power Charger
Signet EV has a fast charging solution which provides 350kW charging at a high speed.
In recent years, as vehicles’ battery capacity and mileage, respectively, have been increasing, there is growing demand for higher capacity charging systems.
Since Signet EV has an outstanding technical research group, the company has already finished developing a high-power charging system and obtained UL accreditation.
Signet EV’s 350kW charging system has a module-type power conversion unit that allows easier maintenance. It is not exposed to the danger of being shut down even when a module remains broken, because the remaining modules still operate as they did before.
This charging station has been installed on highways and downtown location across the USA.

EV Charging Infrastructures

Micro-grid EV Charging Solution
EVs have two-thirds fewer carbon dioxide emissions than gasoline vehicles. But CO2 has still been emitted from manufacturing EVs and generating electricity by coal. But in the case of using renewable energy, we could meet the zero emission targets during driving and charging EV.
When considering smart EV charging stations, Signet EV aimed to enhance energy efficiency. And the company sets the energy cycle ‘Generate renewable energy – Storage in ESS – Consumption for EVs.’
ESS was an essential part of this solution. And Signet EV designed and developed ESS using reusable EV batteries.
The micro-grid type charging station started to receive great attention as an active-type power management charging station that consumes the power stored at ESS in peak time when the electricity costs are the highest and uses electricity from the grid.

EV Charging Infrastructures

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