EV Chargers


[INQ. NO. 2102M07] Since its founding in 2004, SPEEL Co., Ltd. has been working closely with its customers to provide them with great products.
With the company’s “quality-first” philosophy, it maintains its key to success through continued improvement and committing to its customers’ faith and trust.
SPEEL is supplying EV chargers by acting on the call by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Welfare to install multi-unit electric chargers. This is also in response to the market changes for increasing consumer demands in the eco-friendly age for higher fuel efficiency and need for reduction of fossil fuel usage due to serious air pollution caused by automobiles.
The motto of “Quality determines the fate of a company” is its absolute commitment, fulfilling its social responsibilities as a young and strong company and to be a best partner.
SPEEL specializes in design, manufacture and sales of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE, also known as chargers) since 2018.
SPEEL is one of the largest suppliers of full range of EVSEs from AC level 1 chargers to DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) in Korea, and has already deployed about 5,000 level 1&2 chargers and about 500 DCFCs throughout the nation.

EV Chargers

Quick Chargers (50kW, 100kW) / AC (7kW)
These quick chargers adopt ergonomic EV coupler designs. An automatic time-of-the-day LCD brightness control is possible.
A wide range of operational temperature and humidity conditions is ensured. The charging capacity limit depends on the delivered power. An emergency stop switch is installed for all models. LCD display with tempered glass and capacitive touch are basically installed.
Voice guidance is supported, and they are also equipped with a charge coupler sense function.
These quick chargers are of IP55 protection rating (KC mark certified) products. A technique of anti-rust powder coating case protection is applied.

EV Chargers

Quick multi-EV type (200kW, 400kW)
This type is capable of simultaneous charging of four EVs. Up to 200kW charging per vehicle is ensured, and it is a DC combo- charge type. Auto-height-control display for people with disabilities is available. Optimized space utilization with separated dispensers is possible.
Large LCD (20”+) screen with tempered glass and capacitive touch screen are respectively installed.
Voice guidance is available to use, and anti-rust powder coating case protection is applied.

EV Chargers

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