EV Parts


[INQ. NO. 2102M08] Daejoo Kores Co., Ltd. has been a progressive partner with the automotive industry as a company specializing in extruding and machining aluminum for automotive parts since 1972.
Daejoo Kores produces items such as battery housing & battery module case, for EVs, bumper beams, roof racks, guide rails, and swing doors based on its special technology and accumulated know-how of aluminum extrusion.

Development of the world’s first exclusive platform for EVs
Daejoo Kores has recently jointly developed the world’s first exclusive platform for EVs called “Battery Frame” with LG Energy Solution after more than two years of development, and started mass-production and mass-supply for Jaguar I-Pace from 2018. Based upon such performance, the Battery Frame is positioning itself as one of the representative standard platforms for global EV makers.
Daejoo Kores has grown into one of the global top-level companies based on its research capacity in the areas of aluminum materials and extrusion – in terms of thermal resistance required in an era of EVs, design optimized for lightening, and the ability to interpret.
With such R&D capability it has acquired, Daejoo Kores has been successfully mass-producing and mass-supplying various types of battery cases to Volkswagen since 2019.

EV Parts

Daejoo Kores secured price competitiveness in global markets, which surpasses the level of customers’ expectations – backed by its superior R&D ability in the field of energy-saving devices. It is exporting the aluminum cases of energy-saving devices to prominent global customers in the United States, Japan, etc. through LG Energy Solution.
Daejoo Kores recorded US$140Mil. in annual sales and US$50Mil. in annual exports in 2019, respectively, following US$120Mil. in annual sales and US$43Mil. in annual exports in 2018.

Supplying various kinds of aluminum material-based EV parts to global top-level car makers
Daejoo Kores is delivering its various types of EV parts made with aluminum material – sidesill, bumper beam, etc., essential parts adopted for lightening of eco-friendly vehicles – to business spots of Hyundai-Kia Motors, both domestically and overseas.
Daejoo Kores considers customer satisfaction to be the first priority through continuous development of technology based on the motto, “Supply with more valuable products and service to satisfy customers.”
Daejoo Kores pursues customer satisfaction continuously through its upgraded system of quality management meeting the standards of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949. Daejoo Kores has the mind of customer and technology to be foremost to meet the various customer needs of high level as a global company. Daejoo Kores promises that it will do its best to lead the automotive industry and give the feeling of satisfaction to customers.

EV Parts

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