Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal

[INQ. NO. 2102M14] Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum filler metals for the brazing industry, and is now producing not only normal aluminum filler metals, but also special filler metals for joining dissimilar metals.
Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal has recently developed special rolling sheet used for battery cooler brazing of electric vehicles (EVs).
Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal is actively contributing to the electric battery market by developing more usable materials, in line with the global trend of EV development.

Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal

SKA series
The company’s SKA series are products of a mixture of aluminum powder and flux that are intermingled in a standardized ratio that fundamentally solves the problem of excessive or insufficient flux, which is the main cause of brazing defects in the brazing process

Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal

Filler Rolled Sheet (SU-TC150R)
SU-TC150R filler rolled sheet is a newly developed brazing material that is customized for recent trends in the electric battery market, and it is highly praised by electric battery cooler manufacturers from all over the world these days.

Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal

Ring (SKA-TB200)
SKA-TB200 is the perfect solution for manufacturing electric battery heat sink, which is widely used by European car makers including Volvo and Yellow London Taxi.
The size of the ring is customized according to the needs of its valued clients, who are highly satisfied with them.

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