Concrete Release Agent

Using Low-cost, High-performance Photocatalyst
[INQ. NO. 2102M15] It is presently active that the research on the reduction of fine dusts through the application of photocatalyst in the construction and civil engineering areas.
However, in the case of applying photocatalyst to an external material indoors, a UV search is absolutely necessary and the extra costs are incurred in the use of UV lamps, consequently resulting in the failure of its commercialization.
In contrast, if the reused low-cost, high-performance photocatalyst release agent manufactured in waste water sludge is applied in a concrete release agent, it is possible to expect considerable removal effect of the fine dusts in the roadsides of city areas, considering the fact that the surface of road structures and the exposed concrete are exposed to ambient air.

Concrete Release Agent

The result of form removal after applying of release agent using low-cast, high-performance photocatalyst into a mold is that the removal rate of NO and NOx presents a 200~400 percent superior effect over the existing basic standard. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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