Air Circulator (Heat Recovery Type Ventilator)

[INQ. NO. 2102M20] HANA ENERTECH, an air circulator (heat recovery type ventilator) brand with a motto of “Clean Indoor Environment,” has been devoted to the research and development of filters made with photocatalyst and the air circulator (heat recovery type ventilator) equipped with the filters.
Through utilization of technology using photocatalyst, which theoretically enables the complete separate of the organic pollutants into water and carbon dioxide, HANA ENERTECH is proactively developing air circulators (heat recovery type ventilator) that can effectively remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) causing sick house syndrome and nitrogen oxide (Nox) – a representative antecedent of fine dusts.
It is expected that the company’s advanced air circulator (heat recovery type ventilator) with filter made with photocatalyst will be popularly installed in such multi-use facilities as schools, hospitals, public institutions, etc., thereby contributing to the creation of cleaner air indoors.

Air Circulator (Heat Recovery Type Ventilator)

By fully using its intangible assets– including a group of experts consisting of nationally qualified technicians, technology and know-how, HANA ENERTECH is improving customer satisfaction by prioritizing a pleasant environment and reduction of maintenance costs with eco-friendly design suitable for the changing times of the 21st century. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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