Photocatalyst Asphalt Surface Treatment Materials & Application Examination

[INQ. NO. 2102M21] PAVETEC KOREA CO., LTD. has developed photocatalyst-activation technology with a low-cost, high-efficiency photocatalyst-utilizing construction method and construction equipment for surface treatment for asphalt paving.
The specific performances through utilizing such noticeable photocatalyst-activation technology include development of a construction method of mixtures of photocatalyst asphalt surface and mixing asphalt; development of the mixture materials of photocatalyst asphalt surface treatment and mixing asphalt; and manufacturing of modules of construction equipment and building of construction equipment exclusively for the surface treatment of asphalt.
The result of the performance experiment of ascon specimens coated with surface treatment that uses 10 percent photocatalyst shows up to 71 percent decrease of the existing NOx.

Photocatalyst Asphalt Surface Treatment Materials & Application Examination

PAVETEC KOREA supplies ICT-based solutions that help each company to systematically manage the total process in road paving – from research, to evaluation, design, manufacturing, and construction management. In line with the nation’s paradigm shifts in road construction from the new construction to maintenance and emphasis on deepening seriousness on environmental issues including reduction of fine dust, PAVETEC KOREA is providing the latest applicable technologies – in order to proactively cope with the swiftly changing road construction environment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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