Drilling Equipment


[INQ. NO. 2102M23] SUNGWON Heavy Machinery, as a leading manufacturer of drilling equipment, is seeking various innovative ways to raise global brand awareness of its products.

Please tell us briefly about your company
SUNGWON Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has been solely supplying drilling equipment under the brand name of “OROKIS” to overseas clients, gaining growing popularity – especially in markets in North America and Japan.
We are professionally pursuing a “One Stop Service,” through which it is possible to deliver the total process from order to specification consultation, supply and after-service. We are striving constantly to develop new competitive products – in order to reduce customers’ costs.
Currently, we are delivering top-quality products without fail to our customers. For ceaseless supply of top-quality products to our clients, we made it our policy to always use the highest-level raw materials.

SUNGWON Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Could you please elaborate on your major export items?
We have been manufacturing various kinds of drilling equipment over the past two decades. Including augers manufactured with technologies accumulated over the past two decades, we are delivering globally highly competitive large-sized hammers and bits. Small-sized hammers and bits are drawing good responses in the Middle East region.

Do you have any innovative export strategies in the era of COVID-19?
First, we are carrying out proactive, regular customized marketing service activities with our current and potential customers. Secondly, we are proactively introducing our products through using SNS, discovering noteworthy application cases of our products, and thereby elevating the brand awareness of our products. Thirdly, we are seeking local sales in global markets through local entrepreneurs in various regions, and proactively identifying potential agency business in certain countries.

Drilling Equipment

Finally, please give any useful advice to potential overseas buyers
SUNGWON Heavy Machinery will value any feedback from our current and potential buyers. Even those small matters considered unimportant by some people will be given more attention than any global companies would do. In cases of receiving any claims on the supplied products, we are committed to resolving such issues within three days.

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