Concrete Blocks

Utilizing low-cost, high-performance photocatalyst
[INQ. NO. 2102M22] GET-pc Co., Ltd. has ever since its establishment in 2002 as a corporate name of Green Environment Technology been continuously developing and supplying eco-friendly products.
In particular, GET-pc has, with an aim to reduce fine dust, developed high-performance products that show superior performance in reducing fine dust while drastically decreasing the production-cost compared to the existing products – through applying special production technology and utilizing low-cost, high-performance photocatalyst.

Concrete Blocks

All of its products utilize advanced fine dust-reducing technologies such as roadway blocks, boundary blocks, and concrete blocks, suggesting new economical alternatives – in order to improve air quality.
GET-pc is putting all its efforts into active investment in expansion of equipment and R&D including introduction of cutting-edge facilities with global largest-scale and highest production capacity – in order to produce and supply eco-friendly products, and advance the urban infrastructure required for designing green, healthy cities in which humans and nature coexist. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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