Toward Becoming One of the Global Major EV Exhibitions Contributing to the Sustainable Global EV Industry

International Electric Vehicle Expo

The 8th International Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE) is scheduled to be held from May 4~7 in Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.
The exhibition’s organizing committee is preparing the exhibition as a program through which all people in both the private and public sectors can foresee the future industry ecosystem of global eco-friendly vehicles, and prepare for responding to the energy transition and the carbon neutral era.
It is noteworthy that the so-called “Virtual Exhibition,” through which viewers will be able to watch various product line-ups in cyber space, is to be concurrently held, along with the existing on-site exhibition that will fully comply with the CV-19 quarantine standards through arranging programs optimized for the “untact” situation. For the Virtual Exhibition, which was first introduced last year, more than 40 companies are expected to participate, consisting of some global companies including ones from the UK and some promising domestic enterprises.
Various video conferences will be carried out through connecting to presenters and discussers in domestic and global locations – by utilizing video systems on a real-time basis.

International Electric Vehicle Expo

The annual general meeting of GEAN, which is composed of members in 32 nations, is planned to be held during the period of the exhibition – with an aim to exchange information on each nation’s electric vehicle (EV) industry and discuss how to cooperate among members.
The 5th Global EV Round Table, discussing issues regarding the global EVs industry and energy transition, is expected to deal with hot issues associated with future eco-friendly vehicle development and the energy transition to cope with climate change on the international level – in the presence of the high-ranking officials of Korean central government and local governments, the related industries in advanced nations, and some major manufacturers of EVs.
The EVs parades and the trial riding events at some well-known sites including the road 1100 of Mt. Halla , before the opening ceremony of the exhibition, are scheduled to take place on May 2~3.
The chairman of the organizing committee of IEVE recently explained, “To ensure the success of this year’s 8th IEVE, which will be a safer one through building on last year’s experiences, we are exerting all-out efforts. We think this exhibition will be a platform through which participants can better understand the ecosystem of the global EVs industry and share the future vision in an era of the carbon neutrality and energy transition. We are determined to make this exhibition one that leads to the popularization of EVs through the presentation of trial riding, etc., while enabling the B2B and the B2C to form networks among companies through their substantial business meetings.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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