Annular Cutters & Carbide Rotary Burrs

[INQ. NO. 2103M01] TnC SHARK Co., Ltd. has been producing the best-quality annular cutters by utilizing high-precision 7-axis automatic grinding machines.
Moreover, it has developed a technique of applying milk-colored nano-diamond coating. Currently it holds the patent on it, and applied it to all of its products – thereby realizing outstanding cutability and durability in all cutting materials such as Cu, Al, Fe, SUS, etc.

Annular Cutter
This annular cutter comes in two types – Co-HSS and TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tip). This enables a perforating operation by attaching thick steel sheet to magnetic drill machines and other machine tools.
It improves mobility when using magnetics drills, so the annular cutter is now being widely used in various fields including bridges, construction, shipbuilding, railways, etc. And also, in operations for such applications areas, the drilling of holes to a high-level of roundness is possible.
In particular, as it was made with the company’s patented technique of nano-diamond coating, Co-HSS provides superior performance in the process of non-iron metals such as copper and cutting materials.

Annular Cutters & Carbide Rotary Burrs

Carbide Rotary Burrs
These carbide rotary burrs, by being tightened in a mold grinder, are being utilized for a wide range of operations – including the last processing of molds, removal of residues after welding, etc. The blades are formed on both sides.
TnC SHARK has so far been participating in overseas market development group led by Paju-City.

Annular Cutters & Carbide Rotary Burrs

In 2018, TnC SHARK knocked on the door of the India market as a member of the overseas market development group to the nation, obtaining considerable export consultancies and export contracts, followed by accessing the Vietnam market in 2019 with ten Korean companies chosen by the Paju-City. TnC SHARK now considers the Vietnam market one of its strategic overseas markets.

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