Automatic Fryer (TIGIMI)

Designed for a pleasant cooking environment
[INQ. NO. 2105M14] TIGIMI, an automatic fryer, is specially designed to ensure a pleasant cooking environment. Equipped with a four-speed carbon filtering system, TIGIMI requires no additional separate hood device.
TIGIMI is an eco-friendly fryer that protects the cook’s health through minimizing the leakage of harmful oil mist generated during frying activity.
TIGIMI, with its automatic frying function, allows anyone to conveniently use it – with no necessity of experience in frying techniques in a pre-frying stage.
Equipped with a memory function that can store both the frying temperature and the frying time depending on each fried ingredient, TIGIMI is excellent in operational efficiency.
The cook can thus do cooking activity well while engaging in other tasks, meaning that the product can reduce labor costs.
As it is a sealed-type cooker, it is safe against the potential hazard of burns caused by the mistake of the cook. The built-in double anti-superheating systems ensure a safe cooking environment even when there is a risk of electricity fire.

Automatic Fryer (TIGIMI)

Also, the cook can save cooking oil and fuel costs. In particular, TIGIMI enables frying activity in a closed space, and then automatically removes the used oils, thereby ensuring top-quality frying taste.
TIGIMI, with no limitation in use, is currently being conveniently used in various places such as specialized restaurants, fast foods, cafes and convenience stores.
Mikang Engineering Co., Ltd. now manufactures various models of automatic fryers – in order to fully meet the customized requirements of its client companies.
Established in 2015, Mikang Engineering has been devoted to the maximization of its customers’ satisfaction – positioning itself as a representative automatic fryer in Korea.
And it strives continuously for technology innovation under its business motto “Highest-quality,” “Highest-service,” and “Development of New Products.”

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