Azimuth Thruster

Anticipated to replace the existing ship’s propellers
[INQ. NO. 2105M15] Founded in 2017 to present a new paradigm in the shipbuilding industry, Woohyun Ship Design Technology Co., Ltd. has grown and developed into a leading ship design company based on trust and cooperation with its customers.
Based upon ship design services, Woohyun Ship Design Technology is ceaselessly taking on new challenges through research & development (R&D), in order to elevate its technology in various related areas including production of ship components utilizing 3D-printing, development of shipbuilding methods, and ship inspection that applies new technologies.
Woohyun Ship Design Technology has recently developed and released a thruster with no wings, which is anticipated to replace existing ships’ propellers.
Woohyun Ship Design Technology came to develop this cutting-edge device – given the frequent occurrence of accidents in which marine animals and marine wastes including waste fishing nets and ropes are entangled – caused by various types of ships’ propellers.

Azimuth Thruster

The thrust is created by injecting the flowed water – from the outside of the conduct pipe caused by an engine or a motor in the inside of a ship – into the outside through a micro hole in the inside space of the duct body.
This product is a kind of water injection delivering device by utilizing hose like water-jet flyboard, instead of the existing power transfer device (shaft) and enables 360-degree (right & left and top & bottom) thrust.
Various thrust types of manufacturing including circular, polycircular, square, triangle, etc., depending on certain operating environment, are absolutely possible. The thrust can be made regardless of water depth.
Moreover, Woohyun Ship Design Technology strives to supply products that meet the needs of its customers through communication and exchanges with them – based on the best-quality ship design and 3D-modeling technology of its own.

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