Convergence Disinfection Ceiling Lighting System (S-LIGHT)

[INQ. NO. 2105M16] Conis’s S-LIGHT is a convergence disinfection ceiling lighting system, an all-in-one system including general LED lighting with high-disinfection capacity 275nm, UV-C LED. It can be used as a normal LED light in occupied spaces and as a disinfection system in unoccupied spaces to disinfect a wide space safely and quickly by irradiating UV-C LEDs.
High-powered 275nm UV-C LED modules made by OSRAM are applied so that S-LIGHT disinfects 99.9% of pathogens such as virus, bacteria, fungus, MRSA, etc. in air and surfaces within a distance of 2.5m from the UV-C LED.
To minimize exposure of human beings and animals to the UV-C of the S-LIGHT, Conis applied 6 safety devices. Application of PIR and microwave sensors detecting movement and infrared energy from people and animals is for automatic UV-C on/off controls.
With a timer function in the microprocessor, you can set the time for disinfection. S-LIGHT is designed not possible to operate general LEDs and UV-C LEDs at the same time. And it can be automatically or forcibly switched off when UV-C irradiation is in error.

Convergence Disinfection Ceiling Lighting System (S-LIGHT)

When UV-C LED is under operation, it can be visually identified from a distance by applying blue light to the UV-C LED and indicating the operation status on a system indicator & mobile app. This system is designed to be controlled by a mobile and integrated control system. These six functions are satisfying the UL standard as well.

Convergence Disinfection Ceiling Lighting System (S-LIGHT)

It is easy to install and replace S-LIGHT from existing general lighting fixtures without changing the design or additional work. It also provides a longer lifespan of lighting and energy-saving benefits by using LEDs. This is the smart system that strengthens a disinfection function necessary for the post-COVID-19 era and reduces costs of using lighting.

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