Components for Refrigerators & Air Conditions

[INQ. NO. 2107M02] Younam Electric Co., Ltd., started in 1986 to provide components for refrigerators and air conditions, is growing to be a global core supplier to some of the world’s leading companies including GE, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sharp, Toshiba, etc.
Younam’s continuous research and testing combined with innovative manufacturing technology help Younam’s success in the highly competitive and relentless business environment. Its products, especially filter driers, have been maintaining a highly competitive edge in Italy, the United States, and Japan.
Younam always endeavors to please its customers. Younam is consistently committed to creating new technology to provide the best products to the best global partners with autonomous quality control. Younam’s management and employees are well positioned to maximize customer satisfaction in the industry at home and abroad. Younam has a total of four factories, with two factories in Korea and one factory located in China and Vietnam, respectively.

Filter dryer
The filter dryer is generally used in all refrigerators, air conditioners, display cases, vending machines, and freezers. The purpose of dryers is not only to eliminate the free water in the system, but also to protect the system from contaminants and undesirable acids. Around 27million pcs/year are produced and supplied to all of the company’s customers worldwide.
Its main customers are Samsung, LG, Coway, Winia, GE, MABE, Haier, Sharp, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and Elaraby.

Filter dryer

Service dryer kit
Filter drier is pre-charged with fluorescent dye to help you find the exact source of refrigerant leak. Also, the company’s leak sealer repairs hidden microleaks and prevents deterioration from the inside.

Service dryer kit

Heat exchange pipe (Suction pipe)
Any size of capillary tube can be manufactured. Also, the suction pipe (heat exchanger) is processed through the soldering or laser welding. Especially, the efficiency rate of heat exchange has tremendously improved by eliminating soldering between base materials due to laser welding.

Heat exchange pipe (Suction pipe)

Module assembly
Welding a cycle system and assembled components such as plastic injection parts, sensors, etc. is applied. Gas or high frequency welding is applied for the welding point and EEV testing equipment and helium leak tester guarantee its stable quality.

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