Sterling Ripper & Sterling Side Grip Pile Driver

Sterling ripper
[INQ. NO. 2107M03] Sterling ripper is one of the best solutions as alternative or supplementary equipment for primary breaking of rocks for mines and construction sites like where blasting is banned partially/temporarily or permanently, noise restricted areas and underwater works.
In situations where explosives are difficult or impossible to use, or when the rock is highly fractured and/or of low strength, using the vibratory rippers is a viable method for primary rock breaking.
Sterling rippers can be a solution and/or problem-solvers where there are the problems described above, and they can help to maximize productivity and minimize costs per hour at mine and construction sites.

Sterling ripper

Sterling Side grip pile driver
Sterling side grip pile driver is one of the best solutions to handle, pitch drive and extracting piles without the need for crew assistants or assisting machinery. The use of Sterling’s side grip technology offers you higher productivity and significant cost-savings for wide ranges of piles (sheet pile, H beams, I-H beams, and round-piles), at a headroom jobsite and in confined space worksites.
Sterling pile drivers offer 15% higher efficiency in their same class with optimum gearbox design, and the unique design of the double bearing structure, which allows at least double the lifetime of bearings.
Also, the double bearing structure enables bigger eccentric weights to maximize vibratory power.

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