Solar Water Heater&Heating System

Solar Collector and Water Heater
[INQ. NO. 2108M04] KEUKDONG ENERGY’s solar collector is the first in Korea to have acquired the Q-Mark certification.
After long research into unrivaled and competitive products, the energy company has successfully developed its own technology (patented) of putting more solar energy into heating air and water by connecting a water heater and a collector, or a collector and a collector in series.

Solar Water Heater&Heating System

Solar Heating System
As it consists of a solar collector and a thermal storage tank, the solar-energy-based heating system can be used simultaneously or selectively. And it is structured to prevent freezing and overheating of itself.
The company also has another solar heating system (patented) that can be used with existing boilers (powered by stored electricity, oil, gas and others).
By applying the system equipped with a function that automatically uses solar power for heating when the sun is up and converts to an existing boiler when the sun goes down, 80% or more of heating costs can be saved per year.

Solar Water Heater&Heating System

Solar Vacuum Tube (A Device that Converts Sunlight into Thermal Energy)
The company has already completed the patent and design registration on the vacuum tube that is an essential component used for water heaters and collectors.
Cutting-edge technology has been applied to the multi-layer (SS-C/CU) selective absorption membrane coating technique.
By applying a rare metal onto the patented coating film to maximize the absorption rate, it increases the collector efficiency by 10% or more compared with other ordinary vacuum tubes, making it possible to heat water quickly.

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