Elevator Safety Device


Enhance your elevator’s safety by using the Rope GripperTM
[INQ. NO. 2108M05] This advanced elevator safety device called the Rope Gripper which is manufactured by Gum Young General Co., Ltd. (GYG Elevator) can be installed easily to existing elevator systems as it can be applied to a wide range of elevators to protect passengers from danger and injuries in the case of electrical or mechanical malfunction.
The Rope Gripper mechanically activates to stop the elevator by efficiently gripping the suspension ropes while hardly damaging the main ropes or other elevator parts. Once all conditions are normal again, it will automatically reset hydraulically.
Furthermore, the Rope Gripper is an independent safety braking device, being certified as a stopping element of ascending car overspeed protection (ACOP) and/or unintended car movement protection (UCMP).

Elevator Safety Device

Generally speaking, the Rope Gripper will grip the ropes and stop the elevator car when it exceeds the elevator’s intended rated speed for ACOP; while it will also do the same if the elevator car happens to leave the landing floor with the doors open for UCPM. Since the Rope Gripper was designed to activate for such emergency conditions, it usually takes a long time for the lining assembly to wear out from normal elevator operation before replacement is required.
The Rope Gripper is certified based on the standards of EN 81-1:1998+A3:2009, EN 81-20/50:2014 through the EU-type examination certificate.

Elevator Safety Device

Having been first sold in the USA and Canada in the 1990s by Hollister-Whitney, the Rope Gripper incorporates the highest quality and know-how developed from specializing in elevator products and equipment for over 100 years. In 2002, a technical collaboration agreement was established with them leading to the successful product localization in the Republic of Korea.

Elevator Safety Device

Since then, the Rope Gripper has also been supplied to countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan by Gum Young General (GYG Elevator). The Rope Gripper is already highly recognized in Hong Kong and Japan for its outstanding quality and performance.

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